Ctk is all about transforming lives for eternity. We are committed to---- Sacred Worship whereby we encounter God, Sacramental living whereby we experience God, Sacrificial Serving whereby we share God.

  • Are you a FIT?

    We are people just like you, your neighbors, co-workers, people you see all the time. We come from all walks of life but with a common desire to know God and receive His forgiveness, love and life. Our worship service is about entering into a sacredness that draws our attention to God's story of greatness and salvation.


  • How's your soul doing?

    We often neglect our souls, the invisible spiritual part of us. Life has a way of consuming all of our energy and time competing for our attention, desires, and obligations. In the end life becomes one continual to do thing leaving us drained and exhausted. God has a solution to bring balance and direction. How? By nourishing our souls through worship, sacrament, Word, and community. Are you running on empty? Take some time at God's banquet table in the church and let him heal and nourish you.


  • On the Horizon

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