Join us as we follow our Christian historic paths of Scripture, Liturgy, Creed, and Holy Communion to build and nourish a living vibrant faith in God that connects us to community and to serve others for Christ.

  • Are you a FIT?

    We are people just like you, your neighbors, co-workers, people you see all the time. We come from all walks of life but with a common desire to know God and receive His forgiveness, love and life. Our worship service is about entering into a sacredness that draws our attention to God's story of greatness and salvation.


  • Reflection & Renewal

    Ash Wednesday, Feb. 18th begins the season of personal reflection and renewal. As we are marked with ashes reminding us of life's earthbound temporariness, we begin our 40 day journey of grace. Yes, LENT is all about grace. All about creating space in our lives, heart, mind, and soul, where God's grace can renew and redirect our love, passion, and purpose. Come, walk, and worship with us as we turn our hearts toward God---- remembering what His love has accomplished as we journey to Easter.


  • On the Horizon

    Daylight Saving Time--Turn Ahead 1 hr

    March 7, 2015

    Lenten Service

    March 11, 2015